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About us

Petro Kohan Naftan Co

Petro Kohan Naftan Company in 2007 with the aim of supplying equipment with the support of years of experience and using specialized technical and commercial forces as well as executive agents in Canada, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates in the form of a consulting company and supply of equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical industries , Steel, construction power plant and water and sewage has been established.
Petro Kohan Naftan management system is based on management based on ``goal and result`` and after the delivery of the goods, with customer orientation and satisfaction, pursues the goal of its customers.
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...Company goals

In order to expand the scope of its services and supply its marketable goods, Petro Kohan Naftan has obtained the official representations of distribution and sales companies, some of the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers of goods in Asia and Europe, and in recent years during the meeting Joint negotiations and negotiations with foreign parties through several international offices in different countries have made it possible to supply a variety of sanctioned and non-sanctioned goods to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in the best possible way from approved sources.
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News and Media
News and Media

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:It should be noted that this company has the exclusive representative of companies from China and Turkey as follows
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company products
company products

Goods and equipment

In addition to supplying equipment directly from reputable manufacturing plants in Asia and Europe, the company, with the products available in the company's warehouse, declares its readiness and ability to supply equipment and goods required for oil, gas and petrochemical projects.
Supplied goods include:
- Controls and instrumentation
- Electrical goods
- Pipe
- Valves
- Flange
- connections
- Bolts
- Different types of industrial bearings
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investment opportunities
investment opportunities

Cooperation with

Dear colleagues who are interested in investing in large projects of Petro kohan Naftan Trading Company, by announcing their readiness and sending their resume after approval, they can sign a memorandum of understanding and partnership agreement with the company in large projects
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Company warehouse
Company warehouse

...Warehouse and equipment

Petro Kohan Naftan Company, using its executive agents in Canada, Turkey and the UAE and its specialized technical and commercial forces, as well as having a warehouse with an area of 3000 square meters in Iran, is one of the top suppliers in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment. Is working in Steel, Power plants and water and sewage industries activities.
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